Physical Activity & Sleep: How Staying Active Helps Seniors Rest

Getting enough sleep is vital to everything you do, as it gives your body and mind time to rest and recharge. Unfortunately, according to a study published in the Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care, as many as 10% to 30% of adults suffer from insomnia, many of whom are 60 years of age or older.

Falling asleep or staying asleep becomes more difficult as you age, often due to unbalanced circadian rhythms or medical conditions, which can have dangerous consequences. Lack of sleep has been connected to everything from a weakened immune system and mood swings to an increased risk for heart disease. For seniors with memory loss, insomnia can exacerbate their mood changes and concentration problems even more.

At Windrose at Weymouth, we understand the impact that sleep can have on how seniors think and feel. Our priority is the physical and emotional well-being of our residents, and we have ways to combat the issue of insomnia.

Treating Sleep Problems with Exercise

The National Sleep Foundation polled Americans between 55 and 84, finding that Americans who exercised at least three times a week were more likely to fall asleep and stay asleep longer. Exercise has long been understood to help with sleep, so exercise is something we provide for our residents regularly.

Every senior is different and may enjoy a specific activity or exercise. We take personal preferences as well as mobility issues into consideration to offer a variety of opportunities to exercise, including walking, our Move and Groove exercise class, balloon volleyball, bocce competitions, and stretching, just to name a few. Residents can choose whatever appeals to them based on our events calendar, and activities are overseen by our experienced staff.

Through routine exercise, seniors at Windrose at Weymouth can fall asleep better and stay asleep longer.

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