Signs that Your Loved One Needs Memory Care

And How Windrose at Weymouth Can Help

Do you think your loved one is in need of memory care? Memory loss can happen gradually or quickly, but the result can be emotionally painful for everyone involved. Early signs of memory loss may be seen when someone forgets words or dates. As memory loss worsens, symptoms can include confusion about time and place, and the progression of conditions like Alzheimer’s may result in poor judgment, social withdrawal, and behavior changes.

Memory loss can have a serious impact on a person’s life and wellbeing. Fortunately, memory care won’t just manage these symptoms but will keep your loved one socially engaged and living life to the fullest. Read on to learn more about this care and how it may help your loved one.

What Is Memory Care & What Are Its Benefits?

People with memory loss problems struggle most when they don’t have a stable environment or routine schedule. Memory care provides a structured place to limit stress as well as help with daily tasks like meal preparation and cleaning. Social activities give residents the chance to stay involved with hobbies that interest them in a safe, comforting environment. Additional security can keep residents safe so they don’t wander. This specialized care can take a resident from surviving to thriving.

Memory Care Services at Windrose at Weymouth 

At Windrose at Weymouth, we provide services in a secure, intimate setting. Our memory care program creates a dependable rhythm that helps residents enjoy the stability and confidence they deserve. This is a holistic program implemented by staff members who understand advanced communication techniques with assistance from RNs, LPNs, nurses’ aides, and other community experts who can provide top-notch care based on the latest advanced research.

How to Tell If Your Loved One Needs Memory Care

Memory loss can progress to the point of unsafety and isolation. Families may have different needs, but everyone deserves a safe and fulfilling life. At Windrose at Weymouth, we can help you figure out if your loved one needs memory care. In the end, this is your decision, but we can help you understand the benefits and determine if our community is right for your loved one.

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