Knowing When Assisted Living Is the Right Choice for Your Loved One

The Right Time for a Tough Choice

No matter our age or abilities, we all need not just safety and physical care but joy and emotional fulfillment. Unfortunately, age, memory loss, and other factors can prevent many seniors from fully taking care of themselves. Providing constant care can be an insurmountable task for loved ones who don’t have the experience, time, or medical expertise to take it on. Fortunately, assisted living is the answer for those who want a joyful life full of meaningful connections in a comfortable, beautiful setting.

What Is Assisted Living?

Simply put, assisted living involves 24/7 care that is personalized to each resident. In addition to comfortable accommodations in a community with social programs and activities, this can include wellness services, nursing care, medication monitoring, massage therapy, meal preparation, and even more complex services like memory care. Assisted living means a resident can live the life they were meant to with the support they require.

What Are the Benefits of Assisted Living Care?

Assisted living care benefits both the resident and their loved ones. Families rest easy knowing that their loved one is safe and happy, while residents enjoy living in a community where they are cared for physically without having to compromise on their emotional and social needs. 

Transportation to medical appointments and social engagements can become difficult for those with mobility challenges. Some may also have difficulty maintaining a household, taking their medication at the proper times, or completing routine tasks of daily living like bathing and dressing. All of this is provided on-site in our community, resulting in holistic care.

How to Tell It’s Time

Letting someone else care for your loved one or choosing to move yourself to an assisted community can be difficult. The decision can come with guilt and doubt. So how do you know when it’s time to make this transition? Increased isolation, inability to care for oneself, or a worsening medical condition like Alzheimer’s can be indications that it’s time for assisted living. The answer to this question isn’t one-size-fits-all and involves a variety of individual factors.

If you need help understanding if this is the right time, please reach out to us to discuss your loved one. We can give you details about our community and the services we provide. Ultimately, the decision is not ours, but we can make it easier to take the next steps.

Assisted Living Services at Windrose at Weymouth

Windrose at Weymouth is accepting new residents, and we would love to schedule a visit so that you can tour our community and get a glimpse of our community. Please reach out today for the care that your loved one needs.

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